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During the last five decades William C. Dear has worked all over the world, including the continental U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Orient, Asia, and the Caribbean on predominantly Homicide investigations. Dear began his career as a police officer in Miami Florida. In 1961 he opened his own investigation agency, William C. Dear & Associates, Inc. in Dallas, Texas where he developed a Private Investigation Video and Text Course that is nationally certified for continuing education credit.

William Dear is also a renowned and entertaining motivational speaker for business,higher education, training, workshops, and banquets. His experience includes The International Council of Investigative Reporters and Editors in St. Louis Missouri, Dr. Henry Lee's Markle Symposium in New Haven Connecticut, SMU Law School in Dallas Texas, and The Backlot Film Festival in Culver City California. As a certified instructor in the field of Homicide, Dear lectures and teaches the law enforcement officers and investigators around the world. Dear also produced a video Homicide course and holds continuing education seminars on his ranch in Mount Calm, Texas where he also has a complete and modern CSI room.

Among Dear's professional honors are:

  • Induction into the Police Officer's Hall of Fame, April 14, 1988, as a Private Investigator receiving the Archangel Award for the Dean Milo Murder case.
  • Appointed to the Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Dear has received much National and International acclaim. Some of his cases which earned Worldwide coverage include:

  • The Dean Milo Murder - Akron, Ohio - which resulted in eleven arrests and convictions
    the most ever in United States history for a single murder case.
  • The disappearance of a Michigan State University student, often referred to as the "Dungeons and Dragons" case, known Nationwide.
  • The Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • The Wax Museum Murder - Arlington, Texas.
  • The Dan Beckton Murder - Toronto, Canada.
  • The Patsy Wright Murder.
  • The Jerry Sternadel Murder.
  • and many more. See all investigations

The London Times, the Toronto Star, and the Dallas Times Herald aptly referred to William C. Dear as "the real James Bond." Dear has been featured in a variety of national and local media including:

  • National and International Television:
    • Inside Edition
    • Inside Story
    • Good Morning America
    • Entertainment Tonight
    • P.M. Magazine
    • Arts and Entertainment Network - Watching the Detectives
    • Channel 4 - Europe - Watching the Detectives (Dear was featured as one of the five best investigators in the World - This series was presented in Europe and the U.S. six times due to such high demand.)
    • Pat Sajak Show
    • Live With Regis and Kathie Lee
    • Current Affair
    • Fox TV - The Alien Autopsy
    • Unsolved Mysteries
    • BBC Special - O.J.: The Untold Story (October 4, 2000)
    • A & E Special - The City Confidential - Akron: Brother Against Brother (February 6, 2001)
  • National Magazines:
    • Time Magazine
    • Newsweek
    • Parade
    • London Times - Sunday Supplement
    • London Daily Telegraph
    • Beacon Journal
    • Sunday
    • Globe
    • Entrepreneur Magazine (March, 1995)
    • American Way (January, 1990)
    • Playboy Magazine (Outstanding Man of Dallas)
  • National Radio:
    • Howard Cosell
    • Tom Snyder
  • Regional & International Newspapers:
    • Boston Globe
    • Houston Post
    • Chicago Sun Times
    • New York Times
    • Washington Post (2002)
    • Fort Worth Star Telegram
    • Dallas Times Herald
    • Dallas Morning News
    • London Daily Mail (October 7, 2000)
    • London Times
    • Mobile Register (August 6, 2000)
    • Eleftheros Typos (Free Press - Greece)
  • National Speaking Engagements:
    • International Council of Investigators and Reporters Annual Convention - St. Louis, Missouri, 1994
    • Dr. Henry Lee/Markel Symposium (2005) - Guest Speaker
    • Connecticut State Crime Lab Institute - New Haven, Connecticut (December, 2006) - Dr. Henry Lee and William Dear - Guest Speakers

Appreciating the fact that true-life adventures make good reading, Dear has penned the details of his most famous cases in several well-received books:

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